phillip sudderberg is a chicago-based drummer and educator active across a variety of the city’s creative communities. in 2012, phillip graduated with degrees in english literature, creative writing, and jazz performance from the university of illinois at urbana-champaign. while an undergraduate, he was able to work closely with vicki mahaffey, ricardo flores, jay sawyer, and dana hall.

phillip explores the possibilities of recall, timbre, and fluidity on the drum set in ways that draw upon his study of both idiomatic and non-idiomatic musical and literary traditions. these curiosities are examined via exploited generic nuances, dynamic thresholds, and intensive, empathetic listening.

over the past several years, phillip has found a home in improvised settings, jazz groups, and in rock bands such as grandkids, wei zhongle, spirits having fun, ken vandermark’s marker, and vibrating skull trio. in 2012, phillip and eli namay founded gilded records and continue to curate the ongoing foundation series in bridgeport, chicago, a platform for discursive and experimental music in a non-commercial setting.

phillip has performed and/or recorded with ikue mori, mats gustafsson, ken vandermark, nicola hein, dave rempis, joe mcphee, silke eberhard, arto lindsay, jim baker, john mccowen, katie young, gerrit hatcher, jason adasiewicz, eli namay, vivian mcconnell, dustin laurenzi, rob jacobs, jeff kimmel, ben lamar gay, steve baczkowski, matt ulery, dave vettraino, andrew clinkman, bill mackay, nick mazzarella, ryan packard, rob lundberg, matt mehlan, ayanna woods, tim stine, katie mcshane, pat keen, paul cherry, lola kirke, jesse heasly, jacob wick, jason stein, tim daisy, ingebrigt haker flaten, keefe jackson, anton hatwich, fred lonberg-holm, charlie kirchen, dan pierson, steve marquette, peter maunu, benjamin portales vergara, josh berman, jason roebke, and dave allen.

phillip has performed in venues the likes of experimental sound studio, constellation/links hall, new orleans jazz museum, rhizome (d.c.), the smell (l.a.), krannert center for the performing arts, and the empty bottle. he has toured the united states, europe, and canada, which has included festival appearances at elastic art’s exposure series, pygmalion, pianos without organs (north carolina), waking windows (vermont), northside (nyc), flourish (new brunswick), and instigation (new orleans).

for booking, questions, and teaching opportunities, contact: psudderberg@gmail.com ~ gildedrecords.org ~ gildedrecords.bandcamp.com ~ instagram: @gilded_records

background photo: tyler sullivan